Blundstone 510

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Sturdy and straightforward, the #510 is proof that simplicity never goes out of style.

With a design that dates back to 1969, no other boot captures the Blundstone spirit and tradition like the Original #500 series.

Black is always in fashion and so are these leather Chelsea boots. Blundstone #510s feature the best balance in comfort and versatility no matter what the season.

• Black premium leather upper and black elastic gusset Chelsea boot
• Leather is a water-resistant material, and our Originals series has a 2.5mm thick upper to keep you as dry as possible
• EVA footbed adds additional comfort as well as a personalised fit
• Steel shank between the forefoot and heel ensures you maintain the correct step flex point and assists with skeletal stability
• Midsole featuring our patented SPS Max Comfort System, with XRD® Technology inserted at the heel for added impact absorption
• TPU outsole provides durability