Kangol Tie Dye Bucket

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The Tie Dye Bucket hat is an absolute staple in the Kangol collection. This classic bucket hat features a lightweight and fun design made of 100% cotton with a flat crown and a 2 3/8" wide brim for all-around protection from the sun. It’s available in unique color combinations, making it a festival favorite for spring and summer wear. There’s a hidden stash pocket for storage, and the bucket hat is easy to fold and tuck when you’re on the go or traveling. 


Look Effortlessly Stylish 


This lightweight bucket hat is a classic Kangol style with a new-age look that makes it trendy and hip to wear on different casual occasions or for everyday outdoor activities. The Tie Dye Bucketfeatures a comfortably soft and breathable cotton fabric, a great fit for different head shapes, and a flexible and crushable design that’s easy to carry in a small bag or even your pocket. This is one of the coolest hats you can buy for all your fun summer outdoor activities.

If you’re searching for a classy and fashionable-looking hat with some street vibe flair, Kangol is one of the most popular brands of funk, hip-hop, street, and urban style bucket hats. The brand offers a perfect blend of high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, functionality, and stylish aesthetics. The Tie Dye bucket hat makes a statement with its colorful appeal and offers the perfect balance between comfort and sun cover. 

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